Niger Delta Region Deserves Reparation, Says Uranta


The Executive Director of Optimistic Outlook, a non-governmental organisation, Mr. Somi Uranta, has called on the federal government of Nigeria to make haste and pay reparations to the oil-producing Niger Delta area for the degradation and pollution the area has suffered since oil was first discovered in commercial quantity in Oloibiri in the late 1950s.

Uranta who is also the younger brother of the late activist, Tony Uranta, made this call yesterday in Lagos as part of activities to formally unveil his NGO.

He insisted that the current condition of the area called Niger Delta has reached an embarrassing situation that unless the area is properly and well taken care of, not the lip service of successive governments including the present one, things will continue not to be well with the country.

He likened Niger Delta, which he claimed produced more than 90 percent of the resources with which other parts of the country are developed to a proverbial woman who gives birth to twins and triplets each time she delivers, but what does she get in return? Her children were not only taken from her but the husband was also equally killed and the community took turns raping her until she gave up. That he said is what is playing out in the Niger Delta and called on the federal government to halt it by urgently paying reparation that will engineer genuine development of the area.

“Once upon a time there lived a very productive and fertile woman who always bore twins and triplets every time she gets close to her husband. She was so productive that her community became envious of her family and then conspired and killed her husband.

They took her children away and commenced a raping and abusing spree on her. The community so debased, bartered, and bespattered this woman that she couldn’t even set her eyes on any of her children, not to talk of reaping from the fruit of her labour.

After a long while, the community became diseased. The Laws of Retributive Justice, of Boomerang, of Karma, of cause and effect, etc., have set in. Things have fallen greatly apart and the centre can no longer hold. Every single step forward results in ten steps backward. The only panacea, the only solution to resolving the problems confronting the community is to do restitution, an atonement for the mindless evils meted out to this woman and her family.

The pitiful story of this woman and her family typifies the Nigerian State and the Niger Delta, where over 95% of her export earnings comes from since 1958 when oil was discovered in Oloibiri, present day,” he narrated.

Uranta who is a regular face on media stations like Galaxy TV, STV, MITV, Star FM, UNILAG FM, YABATECH FM’s current affairs and motivational programmes claimed that over $600 billion in oil wealth has been earned by the Nigeria nation from the area and leaving a despicable trail of environmental pollution,  social abuses, economic disenfranchisement and even spiritual stagnation behind in Niger Delta.

He narrated how as a child growing up in Queens Town, Opobo, Rivers State, his mother used to tell him the kind of fish she wants for dinner and in a matter of hours he will catch the fish, but that is no more now because ” our means of livelihood as a people has been systematically destroyed by the resultant effects of our mindless exploitation and exploration of oil in the Niger Delta. We cannot fish, we cannot farm, we cannot even sleep at night due to gas flaring. We cannot drink rainwater, because of its acidic content. We can’t even breathe in the fresh air, yet the stupendous petrol dollars extracted from the soil of the South-South and a few other states are being used for the development of the entire nation, except the Niger Delta region.

This is the tyranny of the majority against the minority. This is the tyranny of the many against the few. This is man’s inhumanity to man.

Crude oil has been more of a curse to the Niger Delta region than a blessing,” he said.

The wheel of natural justice and equity, he warned,  “thrives on fairness and justice and therefore, every act of inequity, unfairness and injustice must be revisited with a double penalty of the infractions.”



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