October 1 Sit-At-Home: IPOB Lobbies Other Oppressed Tribes To Joint


The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is reaching out to other oppressed tribes in the country to join it in its campaign for Sit-At-Home on October 1 as a way of rejecting what it called “Nigerian government evil agenda against the indigenous peoples”.
In a statement signed by the media and publicity secretary of the group Emma Powerful, the group requested its colleagues in Oduduwa republic and Middle Belt “who suffer a similar fate with us to join hands in sympathy protest”.
It also requested “all lovers of freedom including Christian communities in the North and other parts of Nigeria, who receive humiliation, intimidation, and killings from Fulani terrorists, bandits, and murderous herdsmen to understand that time has come for all victims of Fulani impunity and atrocities to unite together for resistance”.
It said: “We need to put our differences behind us and rise like one people to defend our ancestral land and heritage against our common enemy.
“We advise all oppressed people in Nigeria to know that we are all victims of Fulani evil agenda which the federal government of Nigeria has been encouraging and supporting to eliminate indigenous tribes and take over their ancestral lands”.
It said that its objective is to deliver all indigenous nationalities and that everybody must reject Nigeria with its impunity if the oppressed want to be free from Fulani subjugation.
The group said it is demanding justice for the oppressed Indigenous people in Nigeria and can no longer afford to deceive the people by celebrating Nigeria’s independence day every year.
It added: “Every indigenous nationality in Nigeria has experienced one form of intimidation and humiliation from Fulani hegemony since 1960 till date. It is now time to end our captivity.
“The agitation by IPOB is not for Biafran people alone but all the oppressed indigenous tribes in Nigeria including Christian communities in the North.
“We are fighting for victims of unprovoked genocidal attacks by Fulani jihadists in Yoruba land and Middle Belt. We are fighting for the innocent people of Plateau, Katsina, Adamawa, Zamfara and other parts of the North killed daily by Fulani bandits. We are also fighting for innocent security agents being wasted by Fulani terrorists in the North through sabotage.
“We are fighting for the conquered Hausa tribe being enslaved by Fulani cabals. The October 1st sit-at-home and rejection of Nigeria in every ramification is also to demand the release of those who committed no crime known to law but are languishing in jail. They must be freed! Freedom fighters and innocent civilians cannot be languishing in jail while bandits and murderous Fulani herdsmen are moving about freely. It’s an error we won’t tolerate anymore!”
It urged “Biafrans” in the Northern and Western parts of Nigeria to shut down their businesses during the October 1st sit-at-home in solidarity for the release of  innocent people who have been sacrificing for the betterment of their children and unborn generation


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