Prophecies Of Nigeria’s Top Five Clerics


Nigeria is a very religious nation, clergy men are treated with utmost respect and veneration because their positions are considered to be divine and sacred.The beginning of the year is considered to be very important because it’s considered as the period that God gives his divine instructions. These are some prophecies of some prominent clerics in Nigeria presented by COLLINS NKWOCHA

PASTOR E. A ADEBOYE. His prophecies were divided in three different categories, personal, Nigeria and International. The international seem to be the magnetising area of his prophecies. He said “the issue of migration will take a new turn in the new Year.
“There shall be two monstrous storms (one coming from the Atlantic one coming from the Pacific) unless there are weakened, the results will be terrible”.

DR. OLUKOYA . He gave a 37 -point prophecies for 2022. He said Nigerians need to pray against inflation, starvation and political instability .He said “We must pray against massive political instability that will put the people in disarray “.
“We need to pray against strange deaths “.

PRIMATE BABATUNDE AYODELE. He officially released his prophecies on the 22nd of December, he warned Nigerians to pray earnestly because the first 160 days of the year will not be palatable. He sent a message to Nnamdi Kanu to change his lawyer if he wishes to make progress with his case with the Nigerian government.

BISHOP CHIDI ANTHONY. He is the President of the Pentecostal Ministers Forum (PMF). He said “Nigeria needs serious prayer if not done, the insecurity of this year will be worse than that of 2021”.He also said “I see the Nigerian government releasing Nnamdi Kanu due to his health Challenge but let us pray against his death after his release because his condition will be very critical,i also see the masses rising against the people in government”.

BISHOP CHUKWUEMEKA ODIGBO. He said “God will expose a lot of ills that are going on in the government “.He also warned that strange things will happen this year but God will preserve his people because the year will be good for those that believe in God.


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