Real Estate Queen Lifts 270 Women With N50, 000 Each

  • As PWAN Marks Decade Of Empowering  Greatness

The President of PWAN Nation, Nigeria’s foremost real estate firm, Dr. Jayne Obioma Onwumere, has put smiles on the faces of 270 women across the states federation.

Speaking to journalists at her Victoria Garden City (VGC) residence in Lagos, ahead of PWAN Group’s 10th anniversary scheduled for March12, Dr. Onwumere, said she would empower 10 women from every state of Nigeria, with N50, 000.00 each.

The Amazon to whom belongs the honor of being the first person in the world to create real estate network marketing business model, explained that she chose to empower women because women can accomplish a lot even with little cash.

The real estate queen as she is fondly called said: “I chose to do it with women because I notice that a woman can achieve something with even small capital than a man.,”

“For instance, this multi billion naira business (PWAN Group), started with 15,000 we used in printing fliers. Then we were broke, homeless and desperately looking for 300,000 to rent an apartment where we can lay our heads. My husband was sharing the fliers. I was taking calls to respond to inquiries and fixing dates for inspection for prospective land buyers.

Eventually, Dr. Onwumere and her husband, Dr. Augustine Onwumere had a miraculous breakthrough just by selling land; and the Property World Africa Network (PWAN Group) was born.

She continued:,,”I give N100,000 to 12 women monthly, to help them start a small business; and I discovered that many women can sustain life with little startup capital. Sometime ago, I empowered 50 women in Lagos State. But I have not done it for some months now.

As her company marks a decade of empowering greatness, the Amazon has decided to take her empowerment package to all the states of the federation,

“This time around, I will empower 10 women from each state of the federation with N50, 000, that will be N18, 000,000.00, to mark our 10th anniversary. That’s what I chose to do for women.

“But as a company, we do quite a lot. Like to commemorate our anniversary, it has been put in the hands of the planning committee. They have chosen to do a lot for different segments of the needy. I know that a lot of lives will be touched through that,” Dr. Onwumere added

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