Reps Invite Togolese Ambassador Over Maltreatment Of Nigerian Passengers

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  1. The House of Representatives has mandated its leadership to urgently invite the Togolese ambassador to Nigeria for discussions on the video showing how Nigerians were humiliated and maltreated at Gnasingbe Eyadema International Airport in Lome.

The resolution followed the adoption of a motion titled an “Urgent Need to Interface With the Togolese Authorities on the Maltreatment and Humiliation of Nigerian Travelers Coming from the United States of America And Transiting at the Gnassingbe Eyadema International Airport in Togo”, brought by Hon. Ndudi Elumelu, the minority Leader of the House.

Moving the motion, Elumelu noted that on Saturday the 18th day of December 2021, a video surfaced on the social media where some Nigerian travellers who transited at the Gnassingbe Eyadema international airport in Togo were seriously brutalized, maltreated and humiliated by men of the Togolese security.

He said “the Nigerians who underwent this kind of treatment were travelling on Ethiopian airlines from the United States of America
to Lagos only to get to Lome on transit and were told that their connecting flight was full and therefore, could not continue the trip.”

Elumelu expressed that this infuriated the Nigerian travellers, when some of them tried to protest to the management of the airlines, they were brutalized, humiliated, rough-handled and shackled by Togolese security personnels for trying to claim their rights and speak against the incompetence of the airlines.

He expressed grave anger that “after the humiliation and intimidation, the travellers were left stranded at the airport with the option of finding their way down to Lagos at their own cost.”

“The House is extremely disturbed, said that instead of the security personnel to aide the passengers in getting back to their desired destination which was fully booked for and confirmed by the airline,they decided to brutalize and humiliate the passengers and by extension, disregarding Nigeria as a country.

“The House is disturbed that this assault meted out on innocent Nigerian travellers who were not accused of breaching any known law or commiting any crime, is barbaric, inhumane and totally unacceptable, and against international best practices.

“The House is therefore worried that if this action is left unquestioned it will give security personnel in other countries the impetus to treat Nigerian travellers with disdain, disrespect and further brutalization, hence the need for an urgent investigation,” the motion stated.

The House therefore mandated the committees on Foreign Affairs, National Security and intelligence to investigate the matter and report back as soon as possible.


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