State Congress: Oki Promises Inclusive Leadership In Lagos APC


Fouad Oki, Lagos State vice chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and chairmanship aspirant in the forthcoming Lagos State congress has promised to provide inclusive leadership if elected state chairman of the party.

Oki in an interview with Saturday INDEPENDENT expressed concern over lack of leadership in the APC, stressing that if not checked can affect the fortunes of the party.

“If elected chairman, I am going to bring unity. The party is so divided, so we need a bridge builder to bring together all the various interests and that is exactly what I will do.

“My integrity speaks volumes for me. I will ensure a level playing ground for everybody in an inclusive manner and bring very strong leadership,” the APC chieftain said, just as he expressed concern for lack of respect for rule law in the party.

“No sensible person who is as passionate as I am, committed and objective about our party should be happy with the way things are especially in our state.

“There is no room for internal democracy, respect for the rule of law, equity and justice and more importantly the party is so divided, that today our members are so disenchanted and that is why I am worried. We want a 360 degree turn around in the party,” he said.

He lampooned the Governor’s Advisory Council of his party in Lagos State, calling it illegal.

“There is nothing like that in article 12 of the party’s constitution. No room for anybody outside the party’s stated organ, and so anyone creating another organ in whatever form or guise is only doing so illegally.

“There is nothing in our constitution that is called the Governor’s Advisory Council. Unfortunately, somebody established that committee for the purpose of supporting his government and since 2003 it has come to be what you might call a board of trustees at the state level.

“Can you have a board of trustees at the sub-national level? The answer is, no. It is foreign in our party’s constitution, it has created more problems for equity and justice within the party,” Oki said.

He also faulted the issue of consensus in congress. “Let it be very clear that there is nothing like GAC in Lagos State APC. I don’t know who is talking about consensus. Whoever sat down somewhere and decided to consent among one another, it is unfortunate. It is very clear that they are not speaking on behalf of the party in Lagos State.

While warning that things must be done urgently to save the party from imminent implosion, Oki said, “Unfortunately we are in what I will call the transfer season window, you see people come from other parties to join APC but don’t be surprised that in a few weeks you may also see people leaving the party, to some other better place or places. It is obvious that our party will implode unless something drastic is done urgently.”



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