Tokunbo Ajila-Jakande Foundation Empowers Ekiti Children, Elders


Tokunbo Ajila-Jakande, founder of Tokunbo Ajila Jakande Children Foundation better known as TAJCF has stated that one of the values he holds dearly is philanthropy. 

Tokunbo’s capacity for compassion has never been in doubt and she has repeatedly shown that there is indeed milk of human kindness flowing in her DNA.

Famous for her humanitarian interventions particularly in her hometown of Ado Ekiti, the well-mannered philanthropist of note from the Asamo dynasty in Ado Ekiti has continued to shine her light on humanity. Call her God’s special gift to Ado Ekiti children and elders and you won’t be wrong.  TAJCF, a foundation solely established to lift disadvantaged children out of poverty stepped up its educational drive with a movie premiere recently held at the foundation’s 80-seater movie theatre. The move we gathered was inspired by the foundation’s goal of bridging the gap between the privileged and disadvantaged children in a bid to build a society of equal opportunities irrespective of social or parental background. Impressed by the success of the educational movie premiere which had in attendance children from all nooks and crannies of Ado Ekiti comprising 80 per cent of less privileged children and 20 per cent of their elite counterparts, TAJCF’s boss, Tokunbo Ajila-Jakande promised to ensure the continuity of the programme throughout the holiday season. TAJCF’s mission is to create a platform for children from lowly backgrounds to aspire for greatness and a gathering like this will do a lot to their confidence-building process.

TAJCF’s educational interventions include free GCE forms to Ekiti youths, scholarships (up to university level), educational materials ranging from stationeries, school bags, raincoats and so much more.

Also, TAJCF’s area of interest includes the welfare of the elderly and senior citizens in Ekiti. The foundation’s special programme for the elderly called “Owo Arugbo” has greatly impacted the lives of over 250 Ekiti elders in the last year. The beneficiaries smile home to the bank every first Thursday of the month at the Foundation centre. Other highlights of TAJCF foundation’s humanitarian efforts include distribution of food baskets to the elderly, donation of wheelchairs to the physically challenged, workstation for free internet browsing, visitation of the elderly, overheard water storage and public taps for community use and yearly Children’s Day celebration.

For Tokunbo Ajila-Jakande, who is currently a civil servant at the Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, her fulfilment is in the prosperity of her people and humanity in general. She is a shining example of a selfless woman who is obsessed with the well-being of Ekiti children and elders.


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