Top 10 Prophetic Ministries in Nigeria

Late T.B Joshua

Prophetic and deliverance ministries provide the complete spiritual antidote needed to tackle spiritual issues. Deliverance is needed at times to perform a complete spiritual exercise. In line with this, COLLINS NKWOCHA presents some notable prophetic and deliverance ministries in Nigeria                                                                             

  • Synagogue Church Of All Nations: An international prophetic church, late Prophet T.B Joshua, founded the ministry. This ministry has helped bring international recognition to Nigeria; it remains one of the top ministries.
  • Dunamis International Gospel centre: Dr. Paul Enenche heads this ministry; it ministry is one of the ministries that are flourishing so much in Nigeria. It is certainly one of the best prophetic and deliverance ministries.
  • Champion’s Royal Assembly: This ministry is headed by Prophet Joshua Iginla, the ministry is doing very well in the city of Abuja; it is one of the regular places people visit for spiritual issues.
  • Omega fire ministries: A firebrand preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleman, heads this ministry; it is a ministry that has affected lives positively. Apostle Suleman is one of the end time servants of God that God is using for great exploits.
  • Jesus Embassy Adoration ministry: Apostle Mac Wissy is the head of this ministry. It is in Nnewi, Anambra State. This ministry has touched several lives positively, it is because apostle Wissy is heavily anointed, he has awesome ability to see into the supernatural, he has power gift for miracles, signs and wonders as God is using his ministry to deal with issues, it is a good place to tackle any kind of spiritual issue. You can reach him on 08181986582.
  • Greater Liberation City: This is one of the very popular ministries in Nigeria. Dr. Chris Okafor heads this ministry, it has done great wonders in the lives of people and it remains one of the top Prophetic and deliverance ministries in Nigeria.
  • Power Spring Int’l Gospel Centre: A great apostle of God, Pastor M.C David, heads this ministry. It is a ministry that is doing great exploit at present. Pastor David is one of the end time servants of God that God is using excellently these days, it is a ministry that has saved several souls and delivered many from the bondage of the devil, it is a miracle that has produced several stupendous and amazing miracles. Pastor David is also touching lives through his book titled “Strategies For Greatness”. It is a book that enriches one with appropriate knowledge to excel in life. The ministry is one of the flourishing solution places where all kinds of issues are tackled with the power of God. Reach him on 08106659108
  • Pentecost Truth Prophetic and deliverance Ministries: This is a global ministry that is headed by a great oracle of God, Pastor Sam Adekoya. He has a mandate to raise God’s end time army globally for the end time battle.
    The ministry is seriously being used by God to settle stubborn issues and cases; the ministry remains a perfect place you can visit for spiritual solutions. The ministry is not just in Nigeria, it is also outside the shores of the country as Pastor Sam also has a mandate to disciple nations. You can reach him on 08023180581.
  • Land of Grace Healing ministry: This ministry does not require so much introduction, it is one of the ministries that has been making great impact and providing solutions to people’s problems, Dr. Chukwuemeka Odigbo is an Apostle of God, specially packaged and prepared to provide Spiritual coverage for God’s people in these end time. You can reach him on 08066655633.
  • Christ Mercy land Deliverance: Headed by Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin. This ministry is based in Warri, Delta State; People come from all over Nigeria to tackle Spiritual issues in this place. It is obviously one of the flourishing prophetic and deliverance ministries in Nigeria.


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